How to do I use pspell function in free plan

Hi, I’m making an website and this is my website first website, I’m getting an error when I’m using pspell function. If anybody knows about that, please help me and tell me how do I install this extension directly into my server.

What error do you receive while using pspell?


The psell extension is not enabled on free hosting.


Does it enable in future ?

Can you tell me whice extension or class do I use for spell checking feature

Most likely not. Infinity Free uses a system made by iFastNet and they would have to add or enable any features.


To my knowledge, there are no plans to add this extension. And given that this is the first time I’ve heard about this, I don’t think it’s wise to push for this right now.

However, a quick Google search shows me a couple of pure PHP spelling check packages which you can just bundle with your website code. I don’t have experience with any of them myself, but it does appear that at least some degree of spell checking is possible without the pspell extension.


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