How to display another name than infinityFree on google search?

Hi! I’m wondering how to display another name than InfinityFree on google for my website. Thanks by advance.


If you have a free subdomain and are talking about the topmost text that says “InfinityFree” / “Epizy” / etc, that is controlled by google, is based off the base domain name, and cannot be changed.

You would have to buy your own custom domain (.com can be as cheap as $11 for a year) and add it to your hosting account and to Google.

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Given how this answer is often linked to as being the “right” answer, I will clarify that it is not.

cannot be changed

This is not true. The site name is set with a separate HTML meta tag. It’s not based on the title tag, which contains the page title, not the site title. If you don’t specify your own site name, the site name from the base domain is used, which is InfinityFree.

If you want to show your own website name, all you need to do is specify it, by adding a meta tag with the og:site_name key.

You can read more about this in Google’s documentation.

Site Names in Google Search | Google Search Central  |  Documentation  |  Google for Developers


This answer in a similar topic may help:


Thanks, we’ve juste made the aquisition of the domain on OVH

And added corresponding DNS

But it said :

Your domain has DNS servers but they are not responding:

If you want to use OVH DNS servers, make sure you have correctly configured your OVH DNS zone before continuing.

Can you please help me by telling me how to do preceed. Thanks

Sounds like this issue for me:


So basically OVH does not natively support InfinityFree for some reason ?

It is possible, or you chose an extension that isn’t supported by us (check the article linked above for which ones those are).

Try getting in touch with OVH Support or see if there is a setting for “DNSSEC” and deactivate it.


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