How to deploy a ts script?

Hello Everyone, I wanna deploy something like lanyard profile readme how can i do this? Is this even possible? Or do i have to be a premium member?! Thanks for any reply ^^

Well, as long as the backend is not JavaScript, or it’s just static files, then I believe that you can compile TS int JavaScript modules which can be run in the browser. However, if the backend requires TS or Node, then you’ll have to host it elsewhere.


Hm okay qwq Do you know any good alterative?

I’m not sure what that particular software actually does, what constitutes as a “good alternative”, let alone what would be a good alternative. The software is also notably missing any kind of installation instructions, so I have no idea what you would need to install it.

The tool seems to be intended to produce embeddable badges, which I don’t think would work on our hosting due to this system (hotlinking/embedding from our hosting onto other sites is blocked here).

As for alternatives, I think you may look somewhere else. I doubt you’ll find many recommendations here for software that cannot be hosted here in the first place.


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