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Friends, I have uploaded a site to try the softaculous feature, but now I want to transfer it back to the html site with codes. Can you tell me how to remove it? I have been trying for 6-7 months, but I could not remove it.

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Remove the files and folders inside the htdocs folder.


I tried, but the file named .cpanel remains. It did not exist before. When I try to delete this file, it says that this file does not exist anyway. I press OK. I refresh the page. It brings back the .cpanel file and other files. It has drwx------- permission.

That is a reserved folder, and you shouldn’t be concerned with it. The only files that “matter” (are served on your website) are those in your htdocs folder(s).

I do not think .cpanel exists there, and if it does, it can safely be ignored. It likely holds information from the Softaculous installation, so if you delete the installation on Softaculous’ page, you may be able to delete it.


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