How to delete second domain on an account?

Hi people, I’ve 2 sites on my account, but I want to delete the second one, because I’ve used the domain .epizy and I wanted to use instead as TLD, I’ve deleted the site from my account on parked domains via cPanel, but I still have it on my acount, how can I delete or at least rename, my second site with the extension? hope someone could help me out with this issue.

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Hello there,

First of all please refer to this Knowledge Base article if you haven’t already:

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I’m getting a bit confused by your use of names like domains, sites and accounts. Are you looking to delete a domain name from a hosting account or a hosting account from your client area profile?

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Hi Admin, I don’t want to delete my account, just want to delete or change the second domain I’ve registered, because I want to use the 3 accounts on the free plan, I want to use the TLD instead of .epizy like I registered on my second site named tico*** change it to tico***, that’s all I wanted to do, hope you can help me on this issue or if it’s better to delete my whole user account and start all over again? with other e-mail address.

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You do NOT need to delete your user profile, and you do NOT need a different email address. Whatever you want to do, I’m confident we can do it. It’s just that I can’t quite figure out from your message what exactly that is. So, again (this is a multiple choice question):

Checking your profile, I see you currently have two hosting accounts. One has a subdomain, the other doesn’t have any subdomain. So, as far as I can tell, you’ve already deleted all your subdomains.

If you want to delete the hosting account which originally hosted (but no longer hosts) your subdomain, you can go delete it like so:


Hi again, as you notice, I’ve deleted my epizy subdomains, I want to keep my account on this site (infinityfree), the issue is that I don’t wanted to waste my second domain name, all I want to do is to use the 3 accounts available on new infinityfree accounts, the second domain is deleted, so I’ve one more free domain to register on my account? I mean, because I’ve made a mistake with the second domain name registration, I only have left one more free domain, instead of two of the three? I wanted to have 3 sites but with as main TLD.

Please note the difference between a CLIENT AREA PROFILE, a HOSTING ACCOUNT and a DOMAIN NAME. When you sign up on, you originally create a CLIENT AREA PROFILE. This is the thing you use to login on Every CLIENT AREA PROFILE can have HOSTING ACCOUNTS. When you create a HOSTING ACCOUNT, you have to specify one DOMAIN NAME to initially create on that hosting account.

On every HOSTING ACCOUNT, you can add and remove DOMAIN NAMES at any time through the control panel of the HOSTING ACCOUNT.

Within your client area profile, you can have up to three HOSTING ACCOUNTS. Every HOSTING ACCOUNT can have an unlimited number of DOMAIN NAMES.

You can identify each of the things as follows:

  • Client Area Profile: identified with the email address you use to login on
  • Hosting Account: identified with a generated username which looks like epiz_12345678.
  • Domain Name: identified with a hostname like

Now, with this knowledge, can you read the previous replies in this topic and see if they make more sense now? And if not, can you please rephrase your question using the words HOSTING ACCOUNT and DOMAIN NAME to refer to things you’re actually talking about?


Thank yo sooo much for your answer, I finally get it

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