How to create Symbolic Links

Hello there,

I’m really struggling on getting to create symlinks between folder/files, so basically i want to link some folder/file from one domain to another addon domain folder.

How can this be done trough ftp since ssh is out of the question.

Why would you want to do this/what would be its purpose?

My understanding comes from this:

Not on win, on ftp, so for ex. {host1}/somefolder would be linked to {host2}/somefolder.
where :
{host1} is serving from /htdocs and {host2} is serving from /{host2}/htdocs
that means for ex i want to link /htdocs/somefolder to /{host2}/htdocs/somefolder

Hope i’m clear with the above example

Ah, I understand you now. Unfortunately, I don’t think that will work.

Symlink is nt supported on free hosting. Take note IF is meant for web hosting, nt file hosting


Got it. Thanks

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