How to create an app creator

Please can anyone get me know about how the different app creators work and make app by user input. Can I create or is any open source available


I don’t quite understand, is your request related to InfinityFree?

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Learn coding.


You need to use OpenAI API or Blockly for that


What does OpenAIs API have anything to do with the OPs questions?


OpenAI’s API, supports natural language

Telling someone to use AI which stupidly collects information that may or may not be true instead of telling them to have skills to be productive ain’t gonna end well.


Which is why data science also require you to learn data cleaning as well.
Not all data will be useful


What do you mean by “app creator”? Like a tool that you can use to easily build your own mobile app?

I’ve seen services that can do it, but they tend to keep their code to themselves. After all, building a system like that costs money, and it’s much easier to make money by just asking the people who want an app to pay for those apps.

As far as I know, no open source solutions exist for this.

Could you create it yourself? Theoretically, yes. You’ll need a server part to allow people to create their apps and have an app skeleton/template to insert the contents in.

But you will also need infrastructure to build and publish the applications, which requires a lot more advanced tooling than you’ll find on a web hosting service (especially to build for iOS, which can only be done on MacOS).

It can be done, but it requires a lot of skill, time and money to do so.


What type of app are you trying to create?

There is App Inventor


I prefer Replicate here but i do use OpenAI for some things.

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