How to consult my admin url on the cpanel?

I change my admin url and now I forgot the url

How to consult the admin url in the control panel?

Admin URL of what?

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My site. wordpress

You can’t. Unless you have a offsite backup


Ok. Thank You


if i delete the hosting here, can i use the link to create another one?


Please make it more clearer

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I can remove plugins of my site in the file manager on

I was found the soluiton. Thank you

@anon2458064 I have one more question, I want to redirect the link ( (without SSL certificate) to https: which already recognizes the SSL certificate.
But when I create a .htaccess file with the code to redirect it says that I redirected too many times and the site won’t open.

Do you know how to solve this?

Since you are running Wordpress. Just use ReallySimple Ssl

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I’m a little stupid on these issues.
Can you specify?

I already have SSL, but the padlock only appears when I use “https”, if I type the url without https :, when accessing the site instead of the padlock appears “Insecure”, how do I solve this?

I already tried to forward the link without the “https” to the “https” with a code I saw on the internet but then the site does not open due to excessive forwarding

Like I said, Go to your websites Wp admin > Plugins > search really simple Ssl install and activate.

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Thank you!!!

You know any plugin to protect my site?

iThemes Security is a good one

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