How to Configure SQL Connector Using Python 3

import mysql.connector

myhost = “
myuser = “epiz_24031569”
mypass = “**************” #Panel Password
mydbna = “epiz_24031569_mytradedb”

conn = mysql.connector.connect(user=myuser, password=mypass, host=myhost, database=mydbna)
mycursor = conn.cursor()

mySql = "SELECT * FROM aremas WHERE resta = 'A'"
usrmas = mycursor.fetchall()
for rows in aremas:


print(“No Connection Database !”)

It’s Doest work Connection

You can’t either do Remote MySQL on this hosting or use https while connecting over a MySQL database host. If you want to do Remote MySQL, Please consider to upgrade the account to Premium Hosting as it offers many features.

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OK, Thanks, for the sugestion

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