How to completely rest website like it was when I first created it?

Is there any way to rest my website to have all the files it has when you first created it?

Well, the only file that comes with your account is the “your all setup” one. To clear your websites files, delete everything inside the htdocs folder, then delete all your databases via the control panel.

And for the record, your website is working fine for me. If you want to reset it because of the topic you deleted, don’t, read below instead.


can I recover a deleted file

Only if you have a local backup.


Will I be okay I accidently deleted a wrong file?

I don’t know, it depends on what the file did.


idk what I deleted. But will I be able to save my WordPress website to my local pc and then delete the account and then import my WordPress site?

If you don’t know what you deleted, then how do you know it was important?



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