how to clear cache automatically

hello admin and mod
i was wondering how to clear cache automatically for browsing
because i built a website from scratch using only html pages
but the problem is when someone visit my site the fist time
and come back to it again after some time the
changes to the site are not visible.

i’m sure this is because i’m created it with a simple html code
not a ready made script like wordpress

so when i update the site and change something with it
the change is not visible until i delete cache manually
and refresh page
this is a big issue that needs to be solved

An HTML file is static content, so it makes sense it’s being cached. After all, static content shouldn’t change that option so caching speeds it up a lot.

That said, when the file is changed, the browser cache should be dropped automatically as well. However, if the content changes very often your browser may keep it cached for at least some time. However, that’s a decision of your browser maker and is not something which can be fixed on our end.