How to choose php 7.4 version for my site?

My site is working fine up to yesterday. But from today it not functioning well. It just showing HTML codes and not working for PHP scripts functions. As i found that there is upgrade has been done for PHP 7.4 to 8.2, so i am sure it may be reason for my site not working.

I am not professional PHP developer, so for now i am not able to upgrade my site scripts to PHP 8.2 version. So until i became idea to upgrade my PHP 7.4 scripts workable in PHP 8.2, may i get option to choose the PHP version 7.4 for my site?

I think before days, there was a option for choosing PHP versions, but now i didn’t found it on control panel.

Website url?


What is the hosting volume your hosting account is hosted on?


You can check the current PHP version for your website by creating a PHP file with this inside:


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