How to change website from http to https

I will like to set up my website so that it is directed to https instead of http. I click on the free ssl but until now, it is still at draft.

How to set up cname using free subdomain My free ssl is not set up because no cname is found. How to set up cname?



And if you’re using WordPress, be sure to change the site url to include https (instead of http) at the beginning.


My ssl certificate is at draft stage. How to set it to pending?

Add the CNAME records automatically if you are using a free subdomain or using infinityfree nameservers (click setup CNAME records automatically). Add the CNAME records to Cloudflare or your DNS provider if you are using external DNS. Then press next


how to remove self-signed ssl?

Generate a real SSL through the client area, go to the SSL/TLS section in the control panel and fill the certificate and private key area (delete any contents currently there as that is your self-signed ssl).


You can also delete the SSL by clicking delete certificate in the SSL/TLS section, but I recommend getting a real one

FYI: the client area should offer to setup the CNAME record and SSL certificate automatically to your domain. If it doesn’t, that usually means the domain name is not correct.


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