How to change the php to 7.4

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Getting various error because theme doesnt support 8.0 Version of PHP
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Unfortunately, you cannot change the PHP version of your website. If you need to change it, you will have to upgrade to premium.


Hello, it is obvious to go with paid plans, but let me explain the purpose behind using your free hosting. I am a service provider and I have to show some live examples for my clients to review before ordering. i need PHP 7.4 version only. I am also suggesting them your free hosting for a startup, later on they may upgrade.

But its ok if it cannot be changed either, Thanks for your support

I’m sorry, but the PHP version cannot be changed under any circumstance.


Unfortunately it just isn’t something free hosting can feasibly provide. Free hosting doesn’t make as much profit as premium hosting, and it’s better to prioritize it being secure.


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