How to change php version?

username: epiz_32165291

I went to CPANEL and went to the account settings, found a change in the php version there, and when I opened it, I see only the Cpanel logo and nothing more.
I want php 8

Welcome to the forum.
Currently, the free hosting platform uses PHP 7.4.8, and that version cannot be changed.
PHP 8 is on the roadmap to be implemented in the near future.
If you need to use PHP 8 now, you should consider Premium Hosting.


Where is that exactly? We only have on PHP version now so there is no PHP version selector anymore. Where did you find this option? Because any reference to it should be removed.


I think I know where.
The most probable place to find the link is on the Account Settings page. On the section PHP Setting, there is this link:
Clicking on the button goes to the old Select Version page URL.


Thank you very much for that information! I’ll ask iFastNet to remove that button (and fix the version number, it’s 7.4 not 7.0) to prevent further confusion!