How to Change domain name?


Like example I want to change my domain name to anything else, like
What is easiest way to do? Delete old account, and create new? Can I change name some how(but as I’ve read in other questions, I can not change domain name, isn’t?).
I read I can add subdomain, but I don’t want to add subdomain.
Thank you

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Alternatively, you create a new subdomain, and move your files to your new subdomain. Easy.


Yes, I understood, but it will be even longer name… isn’t? Maybe it is good reason for trial site, but I don’t want to have main site with so long name :wink: :grin:
And I know I can have few accounts on InfinityFree ?

you cant create because is a subdomain. Im pretty sure you cant create a subdomian of a subdomain or for some cases like with the domain with cloudflare you can!

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You can just select from the Subdomains menu too. The Subdomains menu is both for subdomains of domains you already have, as well as for free Subdomains from domains we provide.


So if I create subdomain using, it won’t be like example, it could be just ? And I can upload different files and it will be like independent website?

Of course. You can select any domain name in the dropdown list in the Subdomains page. If you select, your subdomain will be like If you select, your subdomain will be like

Subdomains are always created with a separate website directory. So it being an independent website is the only way it can work.


Didnt know about this as I usually use addon domains from or

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