How to change domain name while keeping the website as it is

Hello, I’m trying to change my domain from a free one to a registered one. But it just redirects me to this page

I have my website set up at the FTP server which has the registered domain on it. still redirecting me to this page.

Ok I literally copied the files from the original htdocs to my domains htdocs and it now gives me this

My recommendation is to create a new site and set it up with your custom domain. Once that’s done, copy the files from your free domain site to the new site you just created. Delete the files from the old site, and put a 301 redirect there (so your old visitors will be redirected to the new site.)
There may be an easier way to do this, but this is how I did it and it worked.

I tried to make a new site with the custom domain, but the second I uploaded my files to my new site, it just gave me “404 Error”. Also you have to create a InfinityFree Database and connect it to the MyBB site, if I transfer the files the database gets left behind (because it’s in the other account of InfinityFree) and that may cause the 404, but I’m not sure.

Basically I tried it.

404 means file not found. Make sure you uploaded to the correct directory and you have cleared your cache, and Cloudflare cache if you use Cloudflare.

You will probably still need to update your website settings to use your new domain name.

Looking at this article from MyBB, you can find the domain name or URL setting in the inc/settings.php file.


I followed the tutorial

Still giving me 404

OK I basically let it go and just started building a new website making everything from scrach, now after uploading the default MyBB to the FTP the domain ( just gives me instant 404, I have not even done anything, just uploaded MyBB original files to start building my forums.

IS this supposed to happen and do I just wait or somethings wrong again?

I believe myBB uses a database. Have you transferred your db aswell?

I get a MyBB installation wizard if I go to

Can you please share a screenshot of what you see? Or maybe first check the site through private browsing mode to rule out any caching issues on your end?

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I tried default chrome, incognito chrome, microsoft edge
They all give me this



if you want and you have enough knowledge

and be sure to clear the cache in your browser

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I started a new website, added a custom domain in there.
I also uploaded the MyBB files to the FTP server. It should give me an myBB setup but it just gives me a 404, If you dont know how to help me just open the domain and post what you see, so I would have a better overview.

Any help appriciated.

Just so you know I made the website almost 40 hours ago, I thought it will just take time.

Hello there,

You’re site’s working fine here on my end as what I could tell, it’s showing the MyBB installation setup.

Try clearing your browser cache or use Incognito Mode to evade your browser’s cache.


How can I fix the problem If I have it on my end then, Tried clearing browser cache. It doesnt just work on this computer, it doesnt work on my work computer aswell.

Have you also tried accessing your site in Incognito Mode?

You may try to do the following if clearing your browser cache does not help:

  • Use a different browser
  • Flush your local DNS cache by executing the command ipconfig /flushdns on the Windows Terminal.

If none of these worked, try accessing your site on different devices and if none of them showed the MyBB installation setup page then this might be a problem with your network which you may contact your ISP.

You may also try using Cloudflare’s DNS service.
Learn more about it here:


If Im using any WiFi connection (work, home, public) it says 404, but when using my personal mobile data it works, I dont think its my networks problem when none of the WiFis pick the website up.

It is, you even proved it yourself, do you still face into that error if you try to open your website through a vpn?