How to change Document Root for domain

Hello. I added my custom .com domain and i saw it is located in /home/vol12_2/

The default .epizi domain which was mandatory at signup was located in /home/vol12_2/

I deleted the .epizi domain and I want to change the source of my custom domain from /home/vol12_2/ to /home/vol12_2/

How can I do this?

Thank you very much for your awesome service!!


Unfortunately I think that currently it is not posibble to do so. The htdocs folder on the root directory is only reserved/available for your default/mandatory domain. However for all the other domains their corresponding public HTML (htdocs) folders are located under the folder that is named like that domain.

For example if you have a add-on domain called then it will have a folder with the same name which will have a child folder htdocs, where you have to upload the public-view files.

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Ok. Thanks for your answer.
I asked becaus eI saw this option: ServInt - Leaseweb
but I cannot access /var/cpanel/userdata
I cannot find that folder in /cpanel.

Do you have any idea if it’ll work after the .htaccess file like here: How to change my document root folder using an .htaccess file? - SiteGround KB

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Well, the short answer is that you cannot change the document root. It should also be noted that we don’t use cPanel here.

As for changing the document root with a .htaccess file, I honestly don’t know if that will work (I’ve never seen any particular need to move the document root) but you’re free to try.

Ok. Thank you so much for your answer @Admin