How to backup website?

I was wondering if there is any easier way to download backups for my own website (for example in .zip)

I found these instructions, but when I try to download the folder (as it’s said…) an error will appear (cause you can’t download folders…)

  1. Connect to your website via FTP .
  2. Find the HTDOCS folder you wish to backup.
  3. Download the HTDOCS folder to your home computer and keep it in a safe place.

So should I just manually download all files or is there any other way?


Not aware of any easier way to do it, atleast not on InfinityFree. Automatic backups are available on iFastNet’s paid plans. Just download the htdocs folder yourself, also do an export of mysql databases if you use these.


Check this guide


Yes. If you are using WordPress, you can use Softaculous to backup and download the archive file


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