How to add subdomains to my custom domain

Hello, I set my domain nameservers to those of InfinityFree and successfully associated it with my InfinityFree account.

Now, how to make my future website available both at and


In the control panel?

Do you want the exact same site to show in both of these domains, or do you just want both of these to exist? Either way, you do need to use the control panel, yes.

I want the same files/website to be served at both and myethereumdatabase.

How to do this without managing the files separately (so that if I update myethereumnode it also updates content)?

I’m also meaning doing this without using any kind of dns or http redirect.

You cannot do this on free hosting.

forgot about parked domains

How would I be able to do this with paid hosting?

I think what your looking for is the “Parked Domains” section on your control panel where you can set to serve the same content as


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