How to add SSL, to freenom domains?

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

issue related to adding ssl to a freenom domain

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website builder

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How to add SSL, to freenom domains? I have a free domain at freenom, then I added nameservers of infinityfree, then then I go to ssl in infinity account and then added my domain, it was asking to add cname records to freenom, so I did, but I had to select the freenom default nameservers to do that, means I had to turn off the epizy nameservers, after that I came back to infinity and refrsh the cname button, it gave me an error saying - The required CNAME record could not be found.
and when I set the nameservers to epizy one, I can not add the cname in freenom as they not alow for it, please help.

You will have to add the CNAME records from the “CNAME Records” section of the Control Panel if you’re using our nameservers.


To add to what @Ergastolator1 said, you should really check the instructions we’ve provided first on how to add CNAME records. These are the official instructions which are verified to work. Spoilers: they don’t involve any DNS or nameserver changes at your domain registrar.

That same article has some answers to frequently asked questions. Including the question as to what to do if you just set up the CNAME records and you still get errors in the SSL panel.


Yes sir, all the process has bee done, check this-

please remove the space after c to make it a link for screenshot

In the screenshot, I see there is an active SSL certificate for your domain.

So the next steps you need to complete are:

  1. Install the SSL certificate on your hosting account.
  2. Update your website’s settings to use HTTPS for all URLs.
  3. Redirect all traffic of your website to use HTTPS.

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