How to add online compiler

I am creating a new website to help the students to learn new coding concepts did any one know how to add an online code compiler to my website hosted in infinityfree

It will require eval() function. This function is not allowed. So that cannot be done :slight_smile:

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What you need depends on what kind of code you’re looking to compile.

But remember that running user submitted code on your website is very dangerous if done improperly.


Just like w3schools and other websites i what to create a tryityouself button to the already return code but i don’t know how to add a compiler to my website

You can embed external services for it to your site.
External services like:
JSBin: JS Bin - Collaborative JavaScript Debugging
Plunker: Plunker

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Again, what kind of code are you looking to compile? Which programming languages would you like to offer?

Almost every programming language requires a different compiler and/or runtime environment, so it matters a lot which programming language you’re looking to use.


i want to provide python and c to my users

Sadly. This hosting only supports php and mysql. You can do this about python by upgrading to premium.

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Just to note, while you can host Python code on premium hosting, running third party code on your own account is EXTREMELY dangerous. While it’s technically possible to isolate such scripts, you won’t find the required tools on a web hosting provider (because those same tools are used to restrict your own website - and so the provider can’t let you access those tools yourself).


If you want embed code besides HTML, CSS, & JS, you can use service from:

Or special for Python:

Do you have the ability to manage all computers? If so, just get the python installer. Next, when ever you want them to hand in assignments, get a Google Drive account (15 GB is free, but is shared with Gmail and such) and give them the password (Please don’t use your personal account, make another one). Tell what they need to upload.

You don’t compile python. It is an interpreted language.

But there are interpreters online:

When we say ‘compile’ we mean convert the python to PHP. Are you advertising a search engine?

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