How to Add Live Chat to an InfinityFree Site

Hey there! In this guide, I’ll show you how you can add a support live chat feature to your site while complying with the InfinityFree TOS.

Q:What’s wrong with adding a live chat program by uploading code to the servers?
A: It goes against the TOS… To use live chat, it must be hosted on other servers (Not InfinityFree).

Ok, with that out of the way, the only way we can add live chat to our website is by using a third party website and then embedding code to our site. Firstly, we need to find our live chat software. For this part, you can use any third party live chat software that does not go against the TOS. For the tutorial, I am going to be using Freshchat: Freshchat is a live chat software that allows you to embed JavaScript code to show the live chat on our site. (Freshchat also has NO OBNOXIOUS BRANDING such as: “powered by livechat” on its plugin). To use Freshchat, sign up for the FREE plan on their pricing page. You will also have a 20-day estate trail plan to test features. In the setup, you will customize your chat and then at the last slide of the get started/setup, you will see multiple options. Click on the JavaScript option. You then will see the embed code that you will need to add to your site. Once you copy the code, you will need to add it to your site. For this tutorial, I am using a WordPress page, but you can easily add the code by finding your .php files in the file manager. For WordPress, you need to go to the admin dashboard. To login as admin on your wordpress site, go to the link: Once you are in your dashboard. You need to go to the side bar on the LEFT side and hover over the “Theme” sidebar menu. Once you hover over it, you need to go down the dropdown to “Theme Editor”. Click on it. Now you will be redricted to a page with some code on it. Now you need to go to the menu on the RIGHT side and you will see some .php files (There might be some black arrow dropdowns too). Click on the “header.php” file and you will be redricted again. Now you will see a box full of code. Scroll down the code until you find the “head” code. Under it, you might see an indented line of code. Don’t worry about that. Find a clear space between the “head” and “/head” tags. Enter if you need to clear space. Now paste the Freshchat code here and press save at the bottom of the page. Now on your home page of your website, there should be an icon for the live chat in the bottom right corner of the page. There is your live chat with NO BRANDING!!! You can customize it more and chat with your visitors using the Freshdesk dashboard. You are all set! Any questions or mistakes, comment down below!


Pretty limited with a free but disabled live chat?

How to chat when there is 0 free bot sessions?

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For those who do not mind branding, is another alternative. It’s totally FREE


This is a chat software with no bots except in the free trial. You can chat with the visitors using the dashboard using your agents or yourself. is FREE and can be implemented too. I used fresh chat for the NONBRANDED experience which allows you to make your live chat feel more customized. I also personally like the look and feel of the Freshworks live chat than the simple tawkto live chat, but it is personal preference. There are some features in the trail but the basic features such as chatting to visitors will remain free after the trail. FOR A DEMO OF THE LIVE CHAT, YOU CAN VISIT and click on the live chat. I will try and respond to you if possible :grin:

Edit: There will be branding on fresh chat if you implement the FAQ option…if you want no branding, just stick with the live chat…


Good to hear that :+1: :ok_hand:


I did some searching and found that when you end your estate plan trial and then go to sprout, you only miss out on these features:

Multiple Business Hours

Integration Facebook Messenger

File Upload


Full History


Advanced Dashboard

Canned Responses

Read Receipts

Smart Plugs

Assignment Rules


Basic Dashboard

Business Hours

Unread Email Notification


Line Integration


WhatsApp Integration(Add-on)

Apple Business Chat Integration

Freshsales Integration

Integration Slack


User Events

Custom Conversation Filters

Advanced Reports


API Access

Custom Roles

Conversation Labels

Integration Zendesk

Offline Experience

Clearbit Integration

Triggered Messages

Email Campaigns

Full Contact


Targeted Messages

I think the bot option is there? I can add bots in the estate trial plan… don’t know once you degrade… it doesn’t show in the warning above.

I am not sure because I haven’t used it but I heard somewhere on net about this gb whatsapp application has some features which can make this possible with Whatsapp integration API’s.

App can be found here

Message From Mod: Please use extra caution when installing applications from external sources. APK files downloaded from unofficial sites often contain malware.

Thanks for the information mate. As a newbie I don’t know much about it.

Well, I haven’t seen any third party app that integrates with Whatsapp API’s

Hello, Thank you for sharing this guide on how to add a support live chat feature to a website while complying with the InfinityFree TOS. It seems like a helpful solution using Freshchat as a third-party live chat software. If anyone has questions or encounters any issues, they can leave a comment for further assistance.

Yes, I understand, and I integrate this with YO WhatsApp Integration API in InfinityFree site.

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