How to add kopage site builder

How to add Kopage site builder,i cant found that button.where is it

what is it?

Unless the software is in Softaculas, you have to manually upload it via FTP. We do not provide every single software ever published, nor do we add them when someone demands.


You can go to and install your website from there. That’s a Kopage installation which is linked to our web hosting cluster.

But a VERY BIG WARNING: there is a reason why this link is not shown in the control panel or client area - the builder is very broken. Expect it to crash and break down in many mysterious and exciting ways. Don’t go complain if it doesn’t work. We know it doesn’t work, that’s why we hide it as best we can. Use it entirely at your own risk.


You can use Elementor on WordPress instead of Kopage Site builder.

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