How to add Free SSL for my WP Site Other than CloudFlare?

Please tell me how to add Free SSL fr my site other that CloudFlare, because I have had a bitter experience with it as It Corrupts my Site…
Please Help.:slightly_smiling_face:

there’s not really free ssl forever after cloudflare, but there’s free trials for it:

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But don’t try free trial certificates, as they won’t be trusted by all browsers without a certificate chain! Try instead, but you need to generate a Private Key and CSR from the “SSL/TLS” section of the Control Panel for your domain compiling all the fields while generating the CSR, check “I do not want to use default parameters (CSR, Admin and Tech contacts)” and “I have your own CSR” and put the generated CSR in the field, compile all details, and select the Mail Method (it needs your domain to have the MX record set to and a mail account that is at least named admin@yourdomain) to verify your identity. After that you have to install the certificate, and you can do that without any problem by following these steps and copying only the certificate, not the CSR or the certificate chain. After 90 days, you can repeat the steps again.


@HassaanNaveed, Actually In CloudFlare There’s A Loophole, So You Can Remove The Website In CloudFlare, Create Another Account And In The New Account Add The Website Which The SSL Certificate Has Expired.
And @anon19508339 Yes You Can Have A Free SSL Forever Using The Tutorial Which I Mentioned Above.

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Or, use my method, and after that, set the SSL option on Cloudflare to “Full (Strict)”?

I Mean My Tutorial Is For Having CloudFlare Forever. :upside_down_face:

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And Here’s A Myth, Do Browsers Trust Comodo And Sectigo Certificates More Than CloudFlare?

Sectigo (ex COMODO CA) certificates are trusted by 99.8% of the browsers.

While CloudFlare Is How Many Percentage?

100% of the browsers only with a certificate chain installed on their network. And people trust Sectigo more than Cloudflare.

Oh… Then Actually The Website You Mentioned Offered Sectigo Certficates Which Is Better Or No?

Yes, they do, with also GoGetSSL as partner.

While CloudFlare Is Good For How Many Years You Want, Sectigo Offered Browser Trust?

Sectigo offers browser trust.

I’ll Try In My Test Website
(I Only Have One Test Website Though In That Website I Installed CloudFlare, Now I’ll Change The Test Website Certficate To See If People Are Going To See If People Go To My Test Website More Than Usually)

thanks for this, i think you don’t need to ping me when you’re replying me :slight_smile:

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Hey! I have entered the Private Key and Certificate Code but the Certificate is still not installed…
Please tell me Why?:frowning_face:

After clicking on “Upload Certificate” you need to wait within 24 hours until the SSL changes have effect.

Apparently I Have The Same Problem With My Test Website:
The Private Key Appeared But The Certficate Disappeared And When I Try To Access The Test Website Chrome Displays An Message : " took too long to respond."

For me it shows: “Errror 526: Invalid SSL certificate” error. Try to set the SSL option to “Full” on the Cloudflare dashboard.