How to add free Cloudflare SSL certificate to my Wordpress site?

Can someone please tell me how to add free CloudFlare SSL certificate to my Wordpress site. I would be helpful If you would tell me step by step…
Thanks in Advance…:slightly_smiling_face:

To use CF you must own a domain (not one of the free subdomain here)

There is also a plugin for WordPress from Cloudflare, but I will describe “Common procedure mode”

  1. go to and add your domain (following procedure for modifying the NS)

  2. wait for DNS propagation

  3. in Cloudflare - Crypto section - set = SSL Full

  4. properly configured WordPress installation doesn’t need any third party plugins to use HTTPS URLs.

after a while change wordpress to use HTTPS


But the Cloudflare says to change my name servers to add the Domain… It would then be deleted from the host…?
My Domain is

No, it wouldn’t be deleted from the host if you change the nameservers to CloudFlare ones. Just make sure the IP is pointing to the IP that starts with 185.27.134 and ends with some numbers.

How can I check That???

You can go to and if you added a site before, go to your domain and click on the DNS section. You should see those IPs.

Okay Thanks!

I could not still find it as my domain host is and can you please guide me step by step???

It is not pointing to it then what should I do?

On Freenom, to change the nameservers, go to Services, My Domains, click on Manage Domain on the domain you’re trying to manage, then Management Tools and Nameservers. Paste the new nameservers on the Nameserver 1 and Nameserver 2 fields and remove the nameservers on the other fields. Then save the changes.

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