How to add Custom Domain? like

**My website URL **

What I’m seeing is: i don’t know how to add costum domains

I’m using this software: WinSCP [Working]

Additional information:Client

Custom Domains are not IPs on different ports, like for example the IP that is on the title of this topic, that can be accessed only by your computer with a web server running in that port. You can add your domains on our system by putting as nameservers and and then adding them on the “Addon Domains” section of the Control Panel.

i want to add a domain for a game server

Point to the hostname of your game server with the “CNAME Records” tool of the Control Panel (localhost is not allowed) or configure Cloudflare by registering on (not with the cPanel) and adding your domain if you want to add A records of your public IP address over the web server ones on the domain’s configuration (remember if you’re adding a game server IP on Cloudflare’s DNS management system to disable the orange cloud if it’s on). If you want to make your game server accessible by anyone if it’s on your computer, on your router settings, open the ports required by your game with the “Port Mapping” option of the router.

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