How to add comments section?

Hi Everyone,
There is one problem, I have got a task to make a comment section, like in Youtube or in this forum, does anyone have any idea how can I make it, html, javascript, php, or anything that works with website.

Hey @Admin
You have created this forum, right?
So can you please tell me how you have made reply and add comments and everything.

I am explaining what I have got to do:
I need to make a comment section, in which users will login with their Google account, through Google login api and if there account is logined then they can comment and their name will appear automatically. Just tell me which languague will be used here, I will manage the rest, and if you an give a github demo or something like that, it would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for help,

I think this is what you are looking for. If you want to use Blogger comments, users can log in with their Google account (and I think you can force it, too).

However, if you are looking for a newer software/methods, you may want to check out

Also, Admin did not create this forum, it is a software called Discourse and is not suitable for free hosting.


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