How to add a directory at my URL


I’ve already added a folder called “artigos(articles)” in the file manager, when I try to access the folder by clicking on a button, it gives me a 403 Status Code. And when I try to access manually on the address bar, it also gives me a 403 Status Code.

My .htaccess:

These are my folders inside .htdocs:

My website:
The link I’m trying to get in:

When I try to inspect the URL and then request indexing on Google Search Console, it says: “There was an error submitting your indexing request. Try again later.”

Help me! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

(I’m Brazilian, some words and sentences may be wrong. I hope you understand;)
(I don’t know if it is a Website Development or a Hosting Support.)

Can you please comment(remove) first five lines on htaccess?

Please add at least an index.html file. The error 403 occurs because you cannot access directories with no index pages.


I will not remove the first five lines in .htaccess because that code is for protect my website.

I’ve added a index.html and it works! Thank you! :slight_smile:

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