How to Access to Terminal

Hello, I installed Flarum via Softaculous. I wanted install a language pack to it but it requires terminal things. I can’t find a terminal section in control panel. Is there an alternative way to install Flarum language packs or how I can access to terminal?

There is no terminal access provided on free hosting.

The alternative would be to install Composer on your own machine, install Flarum and the language pack from there, and upload the resulting files to the hosting via FTP.

You may also be able to download the existing files, install the language pack via Composer and upload the new files, to prevent having to perform a new installation.


Ok, I’ll try it.


you could use webconsole IF and only IF you knew exactly what you are doing as well as have a composer binary ( you can’t, both are above 10mb )

Not going to work here I’m afraid. To be able to use a web console to execute Composer commands, then the web console needs to be able to execute commands on the server.

There is no way to execute commands on the server with free hosting. No SSH, no web shell, no cron jobs, and even the PHP functions that could let you execute commands are blocked.


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