How re-create file .htaccess in root directory?

Hello Administrator.

I made a mistake and edit file .htaccess in the root directory (/).
Then I tried to rewrite .htaccess my version of this file, but now as a result of the .htaccess is deleted permanently from root directory.
Try of re-create a new main file .htaccess does not work - there is no privilege (not possible create with the owner “0” ).
If I understand correctly, this led to an error on my page “This page is temporarily unavailable”.

Later I realized that the need to edit the file .htaccess in the directory htdocs, but how return file .htaccess in the root directory?
Now I have in root directory only one file with name “DO NOT UPLOAD FILES HERE File”.

I was looking for options “reset account data” or similar to restore the original settings, but found nothing. Help me, please, how to correct the mistake?
Account login : fceu_17679785


The file called “DO NOT UPLOAD FILES HERE” is shown in your accounts root directory, if you upload a file here it will not affect your website. You can see this by uploading a file and visiting

You need to upload your files into the “htdocs” folder. You may have to open a support ticket at and request them to restore your account, they may be required to wipe your account and request you to sign up again with the subdomain of your choosing.

Warm Regards,
Kieran C
Unofficial Part-Time Community Support Officer

The root .htaccess file affects all websites and domains within your account. That’s because all .htaccess files in a path are included when loading a page. So /home/user/.htaccess, /home/user/htdocs/.htaccess and /home/user/htdocs/blog/.htaccess are all included when loading files from

As for the root .htaccess file, it’s only used to set some default error pages for pages which don’t exist and the like. We set those redirects so it’s not possible to change the file, but you can override them on your website using your own .htaccess file. However, your website will work fine without any .htaccess file, so there is no need to restore it. But, if for some reason, you want to use the contents anyway, this is the default content for .htaccess files:

DirectoryIndex index.php index.html index2.html

ErrorDocument 400
ErrorDocument 401
ErrorDocument 403
ErrorDocument 404
ErrorDocument 500
ErrorDocument 503