How much disk space is free account?

Hello! I am a newly registered user. May I ask what is the disk quota for InfinityFree free accounts? What I saw on the homepage of InfinityFree was a size of 5 GB. But when I entered the control panel, I saw that the available space was 4752 MB. Is there a problem with the calculation? I want to know the reason. Everything else is great, thank you!

Yeah thats a problem (for a long time)
My guess would be 5GB, but in anyways if it hits at 4752 MB, you just have to go with it


Reason is InfinityFree does not have storage limit. Instead have inode limit which means number of files limit. If you have lots of files without any content, your max storage even might be few KB. Inode calculation takes time, you’ll see you’re using %100 of your inode limit soon.

Btw, what are you storing there??


It surely does, if you only consider inodes and the maximum file size limit (10MB) then it is going to be 30,019 x 10 = 300,019MB = 300GB which is ridiculously high for a user account.


I told the same thing.

You said there is no storage limit from what I can understand. There are both storage and inode limits.
There is limitation for both in Linux (the os which the servers use), there is also one for the number of iNodes due to how their filesystem format works (EXT4 in most cases), hence why there is two limitations so other users won’t face issues related to maxing server capacity.


Does Infinity Free limit you using storage? No.

Other stuff is not our focus.

I don’t know where you are getting this idea from. There is a disk space limit, an inode limit, and file size limits, all of which will prevent you from using the storage for other things than their intended purpose.

Usually this has to do with comparisons between powers of 1000 and 1024. A kilogram or a kilometer is always 1000 grams or 1000 meters. But a kilobyte can be 1000 bytes in some cases, but when you’re dealing with binary data, it’s based on powers of 2, which means a kilobyte is 1024 bytes.

I’m guessing the “disk free” limit is based on having 5,000,000,000 bytes available, but the MB unit shown is actually 1024^2 bytes.

The hosting platform appears to be using these units interchangeably, because the Disk Quota shown appears to be based on 5000x1024^2, with the MB unit being 1000^2.

So to answer the your question: the disk space limit is 5000 MB. Whether that’s a 1000 based MB or a 1024 MB, I don’t know.


The disk quota you see may indeed vary slightly due to the way storage is allocated and measured. The homepage stating 5 GB likely provides an approximate value, while the control panel might show the exact available space in megabytes (MB).

There’s no solid storage limit I meant to say. It depends on how user uses it.

Since when? :smiley:

I believe it has been like this since a long time ago.

Well the 5GB is a hard limit, of course it depends on what the user is doing but that and 30,019 inodes are the hard limits.


There absolutely is a hard limit. Whether that’s 4700 MB, 5000 MB or 5200 MB depends on your definition of MB. And I’m honestly not completely sure which definition is the correct one, because the control panel is not consistent. But the fact that the limit is not clear to us does not mean it doesn’t exist.

Since day 1, actually. We advertised unlimited disk space, but the inode limit and file size limit has always existed. Then later on, we found that there was actually a hidden limit of 5GB on all accounts that we were not aware of. So we decided to make that official.


There is also a limit of 50 per domain types per account that you have noticed, probably make that official too :thinking:


There is a limit of 50 subdomains, but there is no limit on addon domains or parked domains. The hosting plan options provided by the platform have the ability to limit the “domains” on an account, but are very vague as to what this actually means across the different domain options. And when I tried testing it to find out, the limits didn’t do anything at all.

Also, at some point we got quite a number of questions about people’s accounts getting restricted when they reached 5 GB. For subdomains, I’ve only seen one report about this.

So making it official in the plan configuration is easier said than done, and the need isn’t anywhere near as high.


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