How much AbanteCart uses CPU

I am going to start and online E-Commerce shop and will be installing abantecart I just wanted to know how much CPU does it uses. If there are 5000 daily visitors.

Its impossible to tell that.
It relies on,
No of Visitors
The Number of files(size)
and much more


Perhaps if wordpress is installed on one site and abantecart is installed on another site and both are of same size and both receive same traffic, which of them will uses high CPU

Its not possible.
Fow wordpress,if you install some plugins it may use more cpu,
same for abantecart.

I would say that this kind of website (5k daily visitors is a lot) would get suspended soon for hitting one of the limits. You should also be aware not only from the cpu limit but from other limits too (like daily hits etc.)

I’d suggest you to upgrade to premium hosting for this kind of website

I hope that I helped.


I will say, 5000 daily visitors is A LOT. Please keep in mind that free hosting is primarily intended for hobby and learning projects. And most sites like that don’t get more than 100 visitors per day.

But with 5000 daily visitors, you should have enough income to be able to afford a managed VPS or at least a high end premium/business hosting service. And with such income, you probably don’t want to be reliant on a possibly too restrictive or unreliable free service.


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