How many websites

How many websites can you build on one free account? Is there a limit?

Unlimited, however there is a limit of 30000 inodes.
Fair usage limits apply.

So how many websites could you recommend only doing on the first account and then later on doing a second one. Last time I had four websites on the main account. Then you guys had wrote me and said that I needed to make a second account because of the overflow. This was when I was with you guys a couple years ago

It completely depends on the websites. You can host dozens of static HTML sites with no traffic on a single account, but one big, complicated piece of software with many users may already reach the limit of an account.

If you hit the limit at four sites before, that probably means the limit is less than four for the sites you’re hosting.

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I’ve been using wordpress for all my website . I personal feel that the limit needs to be removed . I understand why you have a limit in place but just me.

We can’t and won’t change limits for individual accounts. We want to offer a fair experience to everyone, and provide a service that can be run unattended as much as possible so we don’t waste money on staff. Providing different resources by request goes against both of those things.

If IF removed your limits, what’s stopping others from wanting their limits removed? Than it would require a lot of server power, and more servers cost money, then this service will no longer be free. If you want higher limits, upgrade to premium. I recommend only one WP site per account, as they use a ton of resources and power.

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Thank you all for your help . you my closed this topic

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