How many websites can I host free with InfinityFree?

I’m under the impression that I can host as many as I want, is that correct?

You can host 3 accounts maximum per individual users on InfinityFree. Over that is not possible, and may result on all accounts being suspended without any notice. And also, you can’t create new users to bypass that, as it will result on all users being terminated without any notice.

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you can also create sub domains instead. but it’s limit will be applied on your main one


Ok I understand now, I didn’t know subdomain can be an entirely new website before, thank you for pointing that out.

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With ifastnet premium hosting $4.99/month, how many websites can I host with that plan?

I see it says 6 free domains - I probably don’t need free domains since they don’t have the domain extensions I want and I already purchased my own either - but I’m not sure does that also mean they can host 6 different websites (different domain names) for that price?

Sorry I couldn’t find this information on ifastnet itself, and their support forum seems to only serve existing premium clients so I can’t post questions.

As many as you can fit on them. On iFastNet’s website, you can see the detailed plan specification. On that page you can see the Super plan supports up to 20 addon domains.


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