How many users use one onerous email address?

If I have a free hosting account, and I have friends who want me to register.
Is it burdensome for my account if I open another site for them in my hosting account?
Should I help them open an account for their email? Or is it not burdensome to my account.

If you create multiple accounts on the same email address, we assume that this other account is your account. This may cause issues if:

  • You and your friends together want to have more than three accounts in total, which a single person (i.e. email address) can’t have.
  • If one of your friends does something bad with their website, this may reflect badly on all the accounts you’ve created, even if you had no idea what that friend was or is doing.

So, to be on the safe side, I would recommend that your friends each sign up for a hosting account themselves. You’re free to help them, of course, but it’s best if they use their own email address and client area login.

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Can a single person use multiple addresses

You can use multiple email addresses. However, please keep in mind that we provide up to three free hosting accounts per person. We enforce this on email addresses, but that does not mean you are allowed to use multiple email addresses to create more than three accounts.

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Is it possible for someone with three accounts that they don’t use to help their part to someone else who needs more?

Prior the Terms of Service, it JUST states that you are not allowed to have 3 hosting accounts. I assume, this also includes creating them on your behalf for someone else.

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If you want to create hosting accounts for others to use, you’re pretty much free to do so. But please do note that we still consider them to be your accounts, and we will hold your responsible for what happens on it.

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