How many personal accounts can I have

Is it allowed that I have more than one personal account?

For hosting accounts we consent only three of them, and any other account over the limit of three may leave your accounts suspended.
For Client Area accounts you can have alternatives for your original account and always create a maximum of three accounts. So every email used for registration with InfinityFree = 3 accounts more!

Thank you!

Actually, no. You’re only allowed to have ONE client area account. Creating more isn’t allowed.

The first part about three hosting accounts per client area account is correct. But the real limit is up to three accounts per PERSON. So creating multiple client area accounts to bypass the three account limit is a violation of our terms and you risk having some or all of your accounts terminated because of that.

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Thank you! I asked this because it can happen that I need more than three websites.

Although you can only have 3 hosting accounts, each one of them can host multiple websites. To do so, you can add multiple addon domains, as well as create new subdomains. Keep in mind that ones on the same account share indoes, CPU usage, and other limited stats, but it does work.


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