How many people can use mywebsite at the same time?

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

hello infinity free in fact I ask this question how many people can use my website at the same time ?

It depends…

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roughly how much ??

0-1k, who knows

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Looks ripe for permanent suspension

whyy bro ?

Imagine if Infinityfree allowed any website to be hosted.

Before long it would be filled with spammers and scammers using the free website to host malware and scam people.

Furthermore, it allows them to take advantage of others without consequences.

And really, it’s just mean to crack accounts and sell them.

Honestly that kind of stuff should not be allowed anywhere (and for the most part, isn’t)!


There is no way to give a general estimation about how many concurrent visitors your site can have. It all depends on how your site is built and how your visitors interact with it.

The limit for visitors, visits, page view and other business level metrics are impossible to predict because there are too many variables. All you can do is open your website up and watch the usage graphs. If you know how many concurrent visitors you have (through Google Analytics or something like that) and you know how much you use of your limits, you can predict when you’ll reach the limit.


Please remember that before uploading any type of website you should always check the TOS.


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