How many hosting accounts can I make on the premium hosting plan?

For the free hosting plan there is a 3 hosting account limit each with their own domains etc. If I upgrade to iFastNet’s premium account am I able to make unlimited hosting accounts?

Reason I ask is because I do web development and consulting as a business and I create a new account for each client since it’s free hosting and I just ask them to pay for a domain. As I’m getting an increased number of clients I need more hosting accounts and I was planning on going for the premium hosting plan which I hope can allow for much more hosting accounts than 3.

Each premium plan gets you one account. You can add as many domains as you want to it though.


Well, if you are considering making large amounts of hosting accounts for clients, you should try MyOwnFreeHost.

Check out Greenreader9’s post above.

Note that the OP said that they are creating the accounts, so that would be in violation of the terms.

How would it be a violation, exactly? It seems to me that a, free or paid, reseller, is exactly what OP is looking for, where they can create multiple accounts for multiple clients (using their email addresses). I don’t think it constitutes a violation, since the accounts don’t all belong to one person; they’re made by one entity for multiple people, which is, in a way, a reseller’s purpose.


There is no limit to the number of premium accounts you can have. But you do have to pay for each individual hosting account, so that’s something to keep in mind if you want to have dozens of accounts.

If you need a large number of accounts, you may also wish to consider a reseller hosting plan instead, as those let you create many accounts at a much lower price per account than standalone accounts.


It’s not that I’m creating individual accounts for every client rather just having their domains hosted on one account. For example, on the current free plan I can have 3 hosting accounts (one for each client) under one email address (the main account with my email) and each one of the 3 hosting accounts have a separate domain. Are there any plans where I can have that same model but with more than 3 hosting accounts?

From my understanding I’m not a reseller as I’m not reselling my own server space rather creating accounts with different domains under one email? Unless that is a reseller?

You would have to pay for each account individually.

The best route to go would to probably be to buy one shared hosted account at whatever level you want, and just use the “Addon Domain” feature to keep adding new domains to that account. Each domain will have its own separate space for the files, they will just share the same username/password for FTP and PHPMyAdmin.


Now you seem to be contracting yourself. You say you don’t want an account for every client, but now you have three hosting accounts, one for each client.

You can definitely have the same model on premium hosting. But you’ll either have to buy each hosting account separately, or get a reseller account.

First of all, don’t read too strongly into the “reseller” part of reseller hosting. You definitely don’t need to resell individual hosting accounts wholesale to others to be eligible to use it. You can also just see it as buying a larger chunk of server space which you can then freely split up across your own accounts.

That said, you are referring to your “clients”, which makes me suspect that you are building or managing websites for others and (presumably) charging them money for it. If so, then you’re definitely reselling hosting. And yes, it’s still reselling even if you don’t give your clients access to the account and manage it for them. After all, you are giving your server space to your clients so their websites can run on it.

If so, you should know that reselling our hosting, or iFastNet’s premium hosting for that matter, is prohibited unless you are using reseller services.

The “who owns the server space” question is hard to answer. iFastNet owns the server, we provide it to you and you provide it to your clients. All four of us can be considered “owner” of the server space.

If you are building and hosting websites for others, I strongly recommend to get a reseller account for it. Reseller accounts are a great, convenient, cost effective way to have a larger number of accounts. You can easily set up accounts for every customer and have good security isolation between clients (which Addon Domains don’t have).

Reseller Hosting accounts are designed for such kinds of businesses and are the only product we can offer where we actually allow you to do something like this.


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