How long have you guys spent reading?

It says i spent 2 hours reading, and its been 2 days(including today) what about you guys?

The times you spend on InfinityFree. Not days you’re online.

yeah i know

i meant ive, had an acount for 2 days, and then the time ive SPENT on it is two hours.

4 hours I think
Edit: 11 hours

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nice. how many days have you had your acount?


23 days to me. Spending half o my free time here.

wow cool

23 days?!? WOW, thats a LONG time

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i spend about 30minutes to an hour every day here

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I’ve read for 4days and 22 Hours, been here for over 150 days.

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wow cool

I have a 4 day read time and I have visited 102 days.

(Forum is pinned in Chrome so I spend a lot of time idling not reading)

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I have 16h read time and 27 days visited


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