How long does it usually take for the CNAME records to be reognized?

I’ve added the two CNAME records for my website as directed in the website support to request a SSL Certificate. It’s been 4 hours and when I refresh the DNS status, it still hasn’t recognized them yet. It says it may take 24 hours but how long does it take for you guys who have done the same?

Instead, I’ve signed up for CloudFlare and repointed the nameservers. I’ve set it up on CloudFlare. Do I need a SSL certificate from Cloudflare and install it or am I all set?

Just ensure the SSL option is set to Flexible and you followed the instructions present on this article if you use WordPress and you’re set!

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Thanks! I was worried since I tried to install the origin certificate and was confused why it wasn’t accepting it. I’m checking out the article right now! :smile:

Also, an other question, when I install WordPress should I install with the http or https?

I’m getting an ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR :sob:

I tried to re-setup CloudFlare, now I can’t even see the DNS names when I set up CloudFlare. What do I do?

You said you re-pointed your Nameservers to Cloudflare, but make sure that they are in Nameserver 1 and Nameserver 2 otherwise Cloudflare cannot access the Domain. As for your CName problem, make sure the CName record is set to DNS Only rather then Proxied. After that it can take up to 24 hours to appear everywhere.

Yeah, they are in Nameservers 1 and 2 and I’ve deleted the CNAMEs (ACME) since I’m using CloudFlare right now. Currently I have no CNAMEs but when I set up CloudFlare, I just see empty DNS Records. Like this:

So are you trying to get a Free SSL Cert for your website?

Yep. Preferably from CloudFlare.

So, what do you suggest I do? And for some reason when I try to visit, its suspended. Its not logged in the deactivation history either.

Please add it first on InfinityFree Addon Domain and by changing your nameservers temporary to and then you will neee to wait for an hour before your will add/unpause your domain to Cloudflare for the free SSL.

Also make sure that you have pause/remove your domain on Cloudflare first, before changing your nameservers back to InfinityFree nameservers.

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