How long does InfinityFree offer hosting

I know this is a weird question, but does Infinityfree host your site for free forever?
I was wondering, because I am going to use this in the long term too

Forever. Just don’t hit your max suspension limits from cpu overuse

Many people belive in this hosting service. I’ve been told by multiple people that in any sort of free hosting this one is the most faithful one. Taking that in consideration and for so long infinity has been in market I am inclined to beleive that they provide hosting free forever.


Indefinitely afaik. As long as you dont hit permanent suspension limits you’re good.

As long as Infinityfree is running?

If you are hosting a simple site or not heavy coded website with us then you can use this service forever.


Thanks, and, what is that?

Technically, which is a “heavy coded site”? I am using 7 databases and 4,096 bytes (4KB)

having 7 databases itself isn’t heavy, i meant websites which consume lots of server power.

Oh, ok, thanks


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