How long did it take to make InfinityFree

How long did it take to make InfinityFree?

Also, where was it founded?

Admin did a lot of hard work, that’s for sure!
Just interested in the history of InfinityFree…

That’s a complicated question to answer. It depends on what you mean by “make” and “InfinityFree”.

InfinityFree was launched in January 2016, and was a continuation of another brand which ran since 2012. The first technical implemenation of InfinityFree took maybe a week or so set up, but the first version was really just a fancier registration form and a mailbox. Everything you see now is built from that over the years.

And even InfinityFree was the result of years of experience and experimentation which came before that.

At home. In a bedroom, probably.


I’m impressed at your hard work!

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Everybody’s place of online company foundation.


Hey Admin, are you men or women and how old are you?

I’m not an Admin, i’m a moderator.

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Umm, You should not ask some personal details,but I can give you some.
He is a male and an adult



Maybe he doesn’t want his personal data to be leaked?


:slight_smile: Yes! The best place to start a company.

I start my companies at boring claasrooms.

lol :laughing:


:frowning: No! The worst place to start a company.

If I were to make a service or a company, I would make it at home too.



Yesterday, I applied for MyOwnFreeHost, in my front room, on a sofa. I am sitting on that same sofa right now. Haha

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