How in the world do I ..... Freenom?

Hello! I was using freenom, and I do not understand how to “Link it” with infinityfree
My current domain is
I want it to be:
Notice what happens when you click on the second link

This site can’t be reached

Check if there is a typo in

My nameservers are:

Nameserver IP address

How do I make this work
Sorry for the vague description…

Here is the image of the registered domain:

And some more for reference:

And here is my order no.

Just nameserver is enough. Don’t modify anything else

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Ok cool…
So, what do you recommend me to do now?

Also, is Freenom free forever? I see a expiry date, and does this mean the domain gets deleted after that time?

Screenshot from 2021-01-24 08-29-46

Weird, I still seeing registrar’s name server when tracing. I think your domain is broken?

No, you only need to renew.

should be yes


In infinityfree, I have a website for
I was wanting it to be
So, what am I supposed to do now, where do I change the domain name?

Should I just delete the account and create a new one?

Can you check your nameservers again?

Here are my nameservers:

Is th HTTPS protocol required before the nameservers

Well, comeback next day then. Usually DNS propagation is fast for me :confused:




Please note that we see a lot of reports here from people whose Freenom domains just don’t appear to be activated. They register the domain name in Freenom and set the nameservers, but the nameservers aren’t actually added to the registry nameservers. The Domain Checker tool in the client area can verify this for you.

This seems to happen a lot but I have no idea why this happens. All I know is that this is definitely something on Freenom’s end.


Going off the @Admin ‘s point about Freenom, sometimes it helps to set the nameservers twice, ie: add them and save it, and then save them again.


So, I have to create a new hosting account in the client area, right?
I have 3 hosting accounts, and I want to change the one for to the freenom one.
Should I back everything up and delete one to make more space

EDIT: I have deleted one of my domains, but when I create a new hosting account it says this:

In freenom however it says this:

I’m sorry if this wasn’t obvious from my previous message. But no: this is a problem with your domain name at Freenom. Your domain name itself is not working. This is not a hosting issue, and nothing you do here can fix it.

Please try @TigerMANEK426’s suggestion or try contacting Freenom about this.

Don’t touch your hosting account settings. It’s a waste of time at best and can cause more issues at worst.


Is that even work tho? They only have Telephone number. There’s email, but simply not replied :v


How would I know? I don’t use (or recommend) Freenom. All I know is that their domain is broken and they need to fix it. How you get that done is not my problem or responsibility.



No, and it will break the nameservers