How i upload a image on my website?

i cant upload my image to my website, does anyone can help me? is my site

You need to upload the files to the server and edit the URL in HTML source
so that it is not from your local PC

in addition, make sure you do not use backslash \

use just slash /

Please read this:

no need to close img tag with </img>

always add alt text or leave blank quotes " "


okay but what i have to write on <img src

I see you succeeded - congratulations :+1:

in the img alt field you describe your image - important for SEO…
by the content you enter, then these images can be searched on Google/images
also the image/file name itself serves for SEO purposes.

while for unrelated images like icons, etc. you put in an empty alt=""

P.S. please read my previous post

your web page is declared as HTML5 and not as XHTML
so you can’t use close img tag </img>


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