How i install worpress in Own Cpanel

I am New Here and i have Tried many time to upload worpress into Cpanel, but it dose not upload. kindly tell me full method or send me any Video which have Wordpress uploading Method… or tell me how i Delete own account from Bad Infinity Permanentaly

You can’t upload WordPress in cPanel, but you can do it by using one of the File Managers or by using the FTP credentials and configuring FileZilla or WinSCP (and extracting the file on your computer and uploading the files inside the wordpress folder to your htdocs folder). Alternatively, you can use Softaculous to install it.
If you want to delete your account, you need to delete the Addon Domain and wait for 60 days for the account to be suspended for inactivity without touching anything.

You are looking for video tutorials on how to install WordPress? I’ll make it easier for you: install WordPress completely automatically!

Just check your control panel and go to the Softaculous option there. From there, you can install one of hundreds of different scripts to your website, including WordPress, without having to fiddle with files, uploads, FTP or databases at all!

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