How i get a pdf file to open directly in my home page?

hi guys,
I am not a developer, I am a graphic designer, so I don’t know all the fundamentals of building and publishing websites. I just try to learn.
I designed my company profile and save it as a pdf file, I need it to open directly when we go to the domain, just until I get time to make it a true website.
the steps I already do:
1- downloading filezilla and success connect it to the server.
2- I correctly upload the pdf file into (htdocs), & delete the old files:
(files for your website should be uploaded here!) + index2
but the question is?
how I make the pdf file show as an index file (HTML)?
I may save the file as jpeg instead of pdf! but the question still!
how I make the jpeg file is the index or HTML file to open as the homepage?!
thanks for your help.

It is best to use the standard website to make it any search engines friendly

Also many browsers when they see PDF extension they offer it as a download
which again creates problems instead of displaying it in the window

Also the problem is the cache and other optimizations that you are unable to do with PDF

The PDF is only used if you need to print a large document

If you still want to achieve that

Create .htaccess file in htdocs folder with this content

# start here
DirectoryIndex index.pdf 

*Does not have to be called index (the code must reflect existing name of your PDF file)


i will try this solution and give the feed back, really thank you very much.

oh :smiley: finally did it. Yeeeah :sweat_smile:
I hope i go deeply in building my website as soon as possible.
a lot of thanks, brother.

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NP and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
You know… A… Lol…A…You know A…click if you want to Hahaha

Basic things can be learned following all from the left side menu Here

But you probably prefer to use some visual ( WYSIWYG ) html editor because it is easier for beginners


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