How i can get com domain for free?

:disappointed_relieved:how i can get com domain for free?

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You really can’t. Not without buying a plan anyway. Many premium hosting companies (including iFastNet) give you a domain with their paid hosting for free, and let you keep it as long as you keep hosting with them. There used to be a host that would have a raffle to get them for free, but it was only for one year, and they didn’t renew them. They don’t do those raffles anymore though. If you would be willing to use another TLD extension, Freenom offers TLD domains for free.


With Freenom you cannot register .tk domains for use with this hosting service. You must use other free extensions (example: .ga, .gq, .ml, .cf).


Domain registrars have to pay roughly $8 to the registry and ICANN to register a .com domain name. No sensible registrar will give away domains for absolutely free, because it would cost them a lot of money without any clear way to get it back. Any time you see a “free” domain name, it’s usually included in the price of a hosting package, so you end up paying for it anyways.

We can provide free hosting because the systems are optimized to reduce the costs to a point where it becomes commercially feasible. With domain registrations, most of what you pay is not paid to the registrar but to the registry, and those prices are fixed.


why would one want a .COM domain?

dotcom is so 80’s

buy a real cheap .NA domain of :namibia: Namibia for only € 40’000 per year. Just slightly more costly than those .RICH domains, LAWL :vulcan_salute:t5::grin:

so for one .na you get a whopping 40 thousand .xyz and they are less of a hassle! True, its a 1 year promo, after which it’ll cost € 13 like any other… but u can auto-expire so uts no big deal…

.com is a most used extension, not 80’s one. .com is used on many commercial websites, including YouTube or Google, and is available for registration from many domain registrars.
Why did you call a .na domain so “real cheap”? You said it costs €40000 per year, and it’s real expensive!


well for paupers like Benetton, who cannot even afford proper bridge-building, it may be a lil dear :vulcan_salute:t5::grin::vulcan_salute:t5::hot_pepper::crying_cat_face:

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oh yes i get .com for free
thats my domain


But it’s not pointed to InfinityFree. Its mail server is managed by and its IP is pointed to

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where do you get those for free? sells .xyz for 1€ per year, promo price 1st year.
just for diddling around there is openNIC of course to be used in conjunction with blockchainDNS add-on in ffox.
have to say that that was 1 € well spent. their GUI offers essentially all features incl. API and I prefer it over freeDNS, which is not too bad either but still…
if u wanna play around I can give u a free subdomain for namecheap to goof around with for giggles… reply below OK… :lion:

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