How hard is it to move an existing website to InfinityFree hosting?

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Hi, I’m considering moving an existing website which is currently being hosted on Namecheap to InfinityFree when my hosting term ends there. I’ve never attempted something like that before and I have very little technical knowledge/experience but I could hire someone to do it for me. Will InfinityFree hosting be a good replacement for this type of website? Is there anything I should be aware of? Thanks!

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The website I’m looking to move is

This should help

If there is high user traffic, premium hosting will be more suitable


I see, thanks for the info.
This is a pretty new website and there is still a lot of things I need to work on so right now I’m not getting much traffic. What would you consider as high user traffic? Depending on how much traffic I’m getting by the end of my current term, I was thinking I could move it to InfinityFree to grow it some more until I actually need premium hosting. Thanks!

When you start getting account suspension.
See below


Thanks for the link, as I understand it, there is no actual way to estimate what a high user traffic could be for a particular website. Do you maybe have example websites with known traffic volumes that are currently using InfinityFree hosting and operating within the fair usage limits? thanks

No idea. You have to do some trial and error…

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Okay, no problem. If I mark one of your replies as the solution will this thread still be able to receive comments? I would like to leave it open if possible just in case someone wants to share the stats for their website.

It will be open for the next 15 days


7 days


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