How does free hosting work

Im confused, how is this free hosting, like cant someone just make a new account (alt) if he wants more domains, and also how are yall making money (not like personally just curious), like so many people use infinity free for free and unlimited bandwidth aswell??? Its odd like aren’t there so many cost factors and many may just use the normal free one because even as a Front End Dev I find for static websites the free is all I need.

I don’t wanna be nosy though just wondering

Also love to infinity free, amazing site just curious

Well, it goes against the ToS and can lead to getting all of your accounts suspended.

Through ads and people upgrading to premium

InfinityFree is powered by iFastNet, who manages the datacenter. You can read more about the costs here:

Why is it all free? What’s the catch? - Account Management - Docs - InfinityFree Forum


Just to add in here, we have had people use multiple email addresses to get more accounts. Some get away, some get caught immediately, but most get caught after a month or so. When they do get caught, all of their accounts are deleted, as well as all their files and databases. We don’t provide backups to these people, and we don’t allow them to signup again.


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